Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Engage The Christian Community?

Having children changes everything (almost). We have two pre-school boys and we want to find a spiritual home where the boys can learn about a religious tradition and develop spiritual values for themselves as they develop into young adults. Here are some reasons why we want to find a Christian church to serve as this home:

1. History: My wife grew up in a Methodist church and I grew up in a Baptist church. We appreciate many positive benefits from these experiences. It is our tradition.

2. Availability: The Christian Church is by far the primary religious organization in our town, county, state, region. It is the way most people seek God in this area. We have two large churches within a 5-minute walk from our house. If we are to ally with a well-developed organization to help our boys develop spiritually, it is the obvious (if not the only) choice we have.

3. Good people, good fellowship: There many good people in Christian churches, people who will love and help the boys throughout their development. We will see a community of people devoted to living God-centered lives

4. Good preaching: The messages (lessons, sermons, bible stories, etc.) are generally good and full of truth.

5. Good singing: The music is uplifting and heart-opening.

6. Youth programs: There are many programs for youth. The boys can be part of a youth group. Or they may want to be involved in the music somehow.

7. Redemption: We will be exposed to the message that all human beings fall short of the glory of God and thus need God to have a good life now and after death. The boys need to learn what it means to repent, and that they need to repent and to receive God's grace and redemption.

8. Jesus: We will be brought into direct contact with the healing power of Jesus.

9. Prayer: The boys will learn about prayer --- turning our concerns over to God --- and we will all experience the power of prayer.

10. The Bible: We will be exposed to the Bible which is full of tradition, wisdom and God-inspred, truth-filled messages.

So you may say: this all sounds good, so what is the problem (i.e. why not just join a mainstream Christian church)?

This is addressed in my next post (see above).

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