Thursday, June 5, 2008


Please let me know that you stopped by and leave your name and tell me where you are from. Thanks for stopping by! Philip


Ken said...

Hey, Philip...just now am getting to your blogspot and about to review it. Thanks for alerting me to this. Thanks, also, for visiting with me yesterday. More later...peace...ken meyers

Philip said...

Thanks Ken. Glad you stopped by!! ... Philip

Matthew said...


I wish you [and your family] well on your spiritual journey[s]. It's not an easy path, but being available to surprises, which are signs you've pierced through the 'expected' to discover 'more', will help you to become whole.


Mystical Seeker said...

Hi Philip,

Thanks for commenting in my blog. I write anonymously (for various reasons). I think I found your blog originally by googling "Marcus Borg" (I'm always interested to see what other bloggers think of his writing.)

Take care!

James F. McGrath said...

Wow, I'm honored that you made my blog one of your Fave 4!